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 Iphone 3GS is a great experience being most desirable, artistic, posh and having a lot of untouchable creations. When it first launched in 2009, this desirability, the intensity of buying was never seen before. As the successors came, it lost the rank but still holds a great position in the interest firmly. September 2012, launched may day for iphone 3gs executing decision of discontinuation but there are still old 3GS all over and they holds the app market devoted to Iphone 3gs. The apps of Iphone 3GS are big reason behind the heat the old ones generating and still million intelligent brains are working hard in designing applications compatible to. App store , a platform of app house officially designed and maintained by App Inc presents iphone 3gs apps of all genre including, health, news, video, photo, fun, sports, games, weather, calendar, theme, art, utilities and much more. Third �party apps have rooms in app store, though getting a good review score earns permanent membership here. Beyond app store there are million apps designed and being developed but not easily installable in Iphone 3GS though compatible to. A trick can open the gate way for Iphone end let users have the enjoyment of freedom. This is jailbreaking. But this freedom buy some inconvenience like penalty to warranty.

 Alike Iphone 3GS , Google Nexus phones have entered the hall of fame. These sets are operated by Android Operating System and meet no bound to enjoy freedom of open source. The whole web welcomes Google Nexus and uncountable apps have been designed and being on process. Some apps are being used by mass and achieve �obvious� tag for of great use. These apps receive best ratings in accordance to reviews and user`s opinion. play store, chorme, messages, word press, google analytics, drop box, ever note etc have earned the label of best apps of nexus for deserving performance.best nexus apps

 Samsung is a brand of mass and unique sphere of technology. Samsung Galaxy phone sets are on peak of demand for a lot of reason. A reason is the Android Operating System generates ; the freedom of web without a hacking trick . These hand sets are free to claim all apps designed for , as well as games of Java and HD qualities. The games are free all over the web and ready to be installed without stressing on credit cards, Need For Speed Shift, Pro Evolution Socer, Drugon Hunter, The SIM 3, GT Racing trends with intense warmth and may have the users felt pretty same as PSP. If a PSP is already at home, it may loss some intention after welcome of Samsung Galaxy. free galaxy games download are numerous in numbers with a devotion to generate extreme gaming experience a pro gamer ingeniously looking.

 Technology have changed life style a lot, bring the comfort at utmost level, enhancing knowledge and opening the world via WWW. Now the world of knowledge fits intoto trouser costing a very little in comparison to the service people.

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